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The Stained Glass Virgin, by Mason McCann Smith

The famous painting of Beatrice Cenci by painter Guido Reni, also the cover artwork for 'The Stained Glass Virgin', a novel by Mason McCann Smith.

Holy, lusty, wealthy, and ruled by the iron fist of the Church, Renaissance Rome was no place for a strong-willed young woman. But Beatrice Cenci, 15 years old, had no intention of surrendering to an arranged marriage or to a crushing lifetime with her father, the brutal, deranged Baron Cenci. The Stained Glass Virgin chronicles the story of the real-life Beatrice, whose cunning and ferocity made her a target of the Catholic Church's savage Inquisition. In the face of sexual and cultural violence, Beatrice fought for her freedom — and risked the ultimate price.

For a sample chapter of The Stained Glass Virgin click here.

Oliver in Bronze, by Mason McCann Smith

The cover of 'Oliver in Bronze', a novel by Mason McCann Smith, features a bronze mask with a knife cutting into the face.

A world-renowned artist ... his wife, their teenaged children ... their new home in the high Sierra Nevadas ... and the terrorists who push them to the brink — Oliver in Bronze is a fast-paced, chilling novel of suspense, threat, and revenge. Gabe Holahan's natural response to danger? Sculpting a monumental bronze human head that expresses his sense of the eternal link between good and evil. But evil cannot be so easily contained. Insidious, it worms its way into the Holahans' home and threatens to shatter their lives. At last, Gabe finally has no choice. Facing his own inner demons, he fights back.

March on Magdala, by Mason McCann Smith

The cover of 'March on Magdala', written by Mason McCann Smith, shows a small group of people walking under a large tree on a hillside.

In 1868 Queen Victoria's British empire was at the height of its power. But one nation challenged British dominion: Ethiopia's mystical Emperor Theodore had delivered his people from the rule of the Turks, but his heroic arrogance was about to bring the full strength of the British army crashing down on his kingdom. As General Sir Robert Napier led 12,000 troops to the fortress at Magdala, the Emperor prepared for the death he had grown to love. March on Magdala is a brilliant depiction of the war between earthly might and spiritual powers.

"... a remarkably interesting novel, one that is at once a romantic adventure, an essay into mysticism, and a vivid presentation of a time that seems much more remote." - Des Moines Sunday Register